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Green Padlock now available for all websites

Simply Digital website design in Bournemouth host all their SSL certificates on their own "Dedicated Servers", only websites coded and designed by our team are held on these servers, they offer a personal firewall for both the website files and the E mails held on them. Our HTTPS security will mean that visitors to your website will view this in the address bar before your domain name and alongside a green padlock.

LinkedIn the popular professional Networking site has recently been acquired by Microsoft. Microsoft have agreed to pay $196 a share, making the deal worth £26.2 billion. With over 433 million members worldwide Linkedin has made significant changes to its format over the last few years. The recent introduction of a mobile app has produced growth of 49% in its memberships.60% of members now access the site via their smartphone.

LinkedIn has become an important recruitment method for Companies to source potential new employees and for Candidates to promote their skills and experience to the recruitment marketplace.

Microsoft are keen to integrate their software, Office 365 and the CRM software Dynamics with the site, which will enable users to make the most of their business connections by managing their diaries, set up meetings and generally build more effective business relationships, similar to the popular social network Facebook.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, speaking of the new deal said “The LinkedIn team has grown a fantastic business centred on connecting the world’s professionals, together we can accelerate the growth of LinkedIn, as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics as we seek to empower every person and organisation on the planet."?

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The new buzzword: Content marketing

Getting your website to appear at the top of the natural page rankings doesn't happen by chance and one of the ways to help boost your website standings is the use of content marketing to ensure your site appears naturally on the first page of any local internet search.

Making sure the written content on your site accurately reflects your business and informs your audience about your business and how it can fulfil their needs will ensure the search engines rate your site highly when they respond to a search entered online.

Search Engines work by scoring your website according to the relevance of the content they find on it, so if your website is filled with first class content that accurately reflects what you do and what you can provide you are well on the way to getting a high score.

Your website is your business brochure, it can provide up to date information about your company, your particular expertise, your latest projects and can inspire and invite enquiries from people looking for the services you offer. It is your best chance to showcase everything you do.

When people go online to look for a product or service, they are looking for something or someone that can fulfil their criteria. They want to find an expert, someone they can trust, maybe someone they perceive as knowledgeable and reliable. Your written content should supply all that information

Most people are hungry for information; they want to have confidence that the business they choose to meet their requirements is going to be right for them. The more information you can supply about your areas of expertise the higher your page rankings will be.

As technology improves, searching online has become much more specific and it's not uncommon for people to enter whole sentences or questions into the search box. Making sure your website can answer these questions by the content on your pages means your information will be picked up by the search engine crawlers and returned as an option in the search result. If your site consists mainly of key words and short phrases your website will be marked down and not appear so well in the results.

Getting noticed in an overcrowded marketplace can be difficult, but you can get ahead of the game by investing time in considering who your potential customers are, what they are looking for and why they should choose you above all your competitors. If you then include this information on your site in the form of well written content you are well on the way to attracting more business and improving your page ranking, naturally.

5 reasons to upgrade your website now

There is no point in putting off a website upgrade until a later date, the sooner you do, the sooner you can get your name above your local competition.
All websites needs to be easy to navigate, informative and simple for people to contact you, so here are a few questions to answer about your present website:-

1. Your website needs to be both tablet and smartphone friendly.
If not then according to the Daily Mail you will be missing more than half of the Google searches in 2016. Think for a moment about one of your customers, sat at home in the evening using their tablet, if your website does not make it easy for them to E mail you out of hours, then they will probably go to a website that does.
2. Is your website too slow to load?
According to recent metrics half of all consumers expect a web page to load in under 2 seconds, and 40% of people will click elsewhere if a website takes more than 3 seconds.
There may be technical reasons in the coding, making your website slow, but regardless of the reason, you risk losing at least half of visitors and annoying the remainder. There are many ways for a developer to speed up a website, so if yours is slower than these figures, get a re-design now as Google will be penalising you for this.

3. Your content has not been changed in years or is outdated
You may have wanted to make changes on your website but have been unable to contact the website company or person who designed it. If you haven't updated your site in the past few months, chances are some of your content is outdated. Updating your entire website can give you the opportunity to look at your content with fresh eyes and remove outdated information, while restructuring old content to increase traffic to your website.
4. Has anyone Optimized your website?
Many people still believe that a new website will just rise up the Google Search results, and that their website designer will do all the work within the website price. The reality is that it takes a good deal of hard work to rise up to the first page of Google and if you have not had your website Optimized by a specialist company, there will be areas that can be improved upon.
If you appear high on Google search for numerous search terms you will naturally get many more enquiries from new internet customers that are looking for the services you provide. Try a Google search to see if your website can be found for "The service you provide and your location" examples might be " Builders in Egham" or "Plumbers in Fulham"
5. Your competitors' websites look better than yours
Take a moment to search locally at your competitors' websites, do they provide a greater initial impact than your own? If your website is starting to look a bit dated or lacks good functionality, it might be a good time to speak with us about your options.
Whatever your enquiry or question, we aim to be able to answer it swiftly and accurately, so for more information on how we can help design you a website to promote your company online, call one of our team or fill in the form below.

Getting your website noticed

Your website can look great and be easy to navigate but it’s important to keep the content fresh and changing in order to help it up the page rankings.

Writing content that is current and relevant to your industry or service will enable it to be found by the web crawlers looking for sites that match the search criteria that is being entered by the user. '

Searches are often more than just a couple of words and can be complete phrases or questions, so having content on the site that may match those searches will make the site more visible and result in some sort of engagement by the searcher.

It’s good to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve when you are writing a news item or blog for your site, is it relevant? Will it increase sales? Will your customers find it interesting and want to share it? These are only a few points to consider but putting yourself in your reader’s shoes will help you to engage more naturally with your target audience.

Measuring the effect of your content by monitoring traffic to your site will help you to see what is working and enable you to build on your success.

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