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The Wonders Of Professional Web Design

Getting a website created means you will give your business the boost it needs to build interest. Your website will be more likely to succeed with the help of a professional web designer, due to the high quality work they’ll put into it. However before this can happen, you should make note of the objectives you want to be discussed and whether or not you have a reasonable budget for what you want. Perhaps you already have a website and you need it revamped? Either way getting a professional to design it is highly beneficial, particularly as they will have their own experience and know the sort of factors that are needed. For instance, one factor is the ability to work well with mobile sites. Nowadays, most sites are mobile friendly and work well with other gadgets. If it doesn’t work, it can significantly lower the amount of traffic. Using a professional means they can ensure things are working correctly, as well as using SEO to help boost search engine rankings.

As well as making your site visually pleasing, a professional will make sure both the security and overall running of the website is in tip-top condition. No one wants to be scrolling through a slow loading website that could potentially get a lot of interest. It could be what causes you to lose a customer. It can be frustrating waiting for a website to load and quite often people will click off due to this. So using a professional website design company in Poole, means not only are you keeping the customers happy, you are also giving your business the best chance it has of getting off the ground.

Is 'Click To Call' Good For Business?

Did you know that if you provide a click to call service, you will find your conversion rate improves? Click to call is a link or button on your website that will give the customer the option to call your business number. With this option, they have the opportunity to call for free and get in touch quickly, which also gives the potential for more sales. Even just having the number confidently placed on your site can boost conversions.

Nowadays the use of a smartphone is high and mobile websites are popular, so by making sure your site is mobile friendly and presenting a click to call button, the interest will be a lot higher, particularly if you know who your target audience is. Giving your customers a smoother online experience is important, as they can get frustrated if they can't find the right information, therefore losing interest. For instance, this may occur if they go to your website and can't contact you easily. By having your number displayed properly and easily seen, they will be more likely to click it.

By using a click to call service, you are providing great customer service. However you need to be ready to answer these calls with a seamless response from you and your team and give your customer the simple mobile friendly experience they want. For more details on Click and call and Search Engine Optimization in Dorset, why not give us a call today.

Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

There are a few issues to avoid when considering SEO. For instance, 'keyboard stuffing'. This is when the same keyword is used constantly, in order to rank higher. However, search engines are aware of this and can actually rank you lower due to it. An important keyword per content piece is enough to work. This content shouldn't be repetitive (such as being duplicated) or only slightly changed to include a keyword. Even though it is true that more content will help you to boost your websites rank, it can actually downgrade the value of the website and ranking, due to the lack of new content. Make sure if you use backlinks that they are relevant and use high quality websites. If you use links to sites that use common mistakes (like keyword stuffing) or have low viewers, then you may find your own ranking drops.

Using images on your website is a good idea, but you need to make sure they're optimised so it can be a high quality, relevant visual aspect. If you have a bad quality picture or it's not clear, potential customers will go elsewhere. You should also think about the size of the picture and how many there are. If you have too many it can slow down the loading speed. If you optimise your images you can have the right size without dropping the quality. This can boost rankings and customer experience. They will also be looking for clear information on certain content with your main keyword, so make sure your meta description pieces aren’t confusing as this could put them off. As a new business you will want to ensure everything is clear and inviting, call us today for all SEO in Poole.

The Benefits Of Pay Per Click

Using PPC adverts can help you reach out to new potential customers. Whatever you use as an advertising platform, your ad will be shown to people who are intrigued and more likely to click it. Google Ads lets you gain access to the vast audience that use Google, therefore they can be guided to your website. By using Google Ads, it can help you to get great results due to the potential customers searching for a specific service or item you sell. You can target whatever size audience you want, which is particularly beneficial if you are a small business. However you can also branch out, as ads can be changed to tailor to local audiences, or even globally.

Particular keywords will be used to aim at specific searches, which will take them to the correct information on your website, which will also boost your conversion rates. Choosing the right keywords takes time, but can give great results if you find the correct audience. PPC ads will also give you ROI (Return On Investment), which shows you what you can get from the adverts. Google Ads will get your site on the top of search results.

SEO is a crucial part of your presence of the internet. However it can take a while for your company to rank where you want it to, so using PPC adverts can give you the quick impact you’re looking for within a few hours. PPC isn’t free but it is worth investing in it to give your company the boost you’re looking for.

How To Advertise Your Company

There are a variety of ways to advertise your company. Some may be pricey, but there are a few methods which are beneficial. One method is to create and distribute business cards. You can give them out at events for networking or in your shop for potential buyers to take. You can choose a number of different looks for your cards to make it look visually appealing.

Sometimes you may find the competition boosts their own business with clever methods, if this is the case you should consider duplicating ideas to improve your own. You could go to the same area with advertisement, offer discounts and special offers and other successful strategies that work for the competition. You should definitely consider using social media. So, get your business on sites such as Facebook, Twitter or even create a blog, as well as making sure you have updated your email list!

Using SEO is a popular way of getting your site scoring highly on the internet. It may be pricey but being on top of the search engines will ensure you appeal to any new potential buyers that look online with ease. You could also consider an Ad campaign, which is aimed at customers who have seen your website before or clicked a banner which may be on the website they are looking at. However, you should make sure you have a proper customer base first, so you’re not wasting money. You could create a Google + or LinkedIn account for your business, as these are popular sites which will cover many methods and potentially expand your business. Just remember that whatever methods you use, you need to keep on top of what is going on within the business world. After all, the modern world changes all the time. For an obligation free chat and free advice on Advertising your business using online SEO in Poole, call Simply Digital on 01202 984002.

Should Your Website Have Videos?

When it comes to electronic marketing, videos can be a very important part of it. Customers are watching videos more regularly nowadays and it is a trend that is still popular. The transition from text and pictures to videos has come around quickly, meaning any companies that aren’t interested will soon be left behind. However due to the modern world, it is quite unusual to not have some sort of visual media on a website.

During a browse on the web, potential customers are usually drawn to interesting visual aspects. Videos that talk about business content are more likely to be watched, than having to read a lot of text, providing an interesting internet experience. This is proven by looking at YouTube, which is the biggest online video website and second biggest search engine. YouTube is also owned by Google, the most popular search engine. Any keyword you use for your web page can be used for a video, which will raise your chance of being looked up, due to the keywords used.

Using videos is brilliant for SEO, as it keeps customers entertained, therefore they will stay on your page longer. The longer the length of the visit, the more likely Google will rank your page higher due to how well it’s doing. Videos can also be shared easily on social media, which means if your content is viewed, they are more likely to click on the link to your site. For details of online videos and Website pricing in Poole, call Simply-Digital.

The Advantages of Electronic Digital Marketing

The business world is changing rapidly with a mix of social media and technology, having an effect on people and how they interact with them. Electronic marketing is a way to keep up with current trends, and give businesses a way to connect with their customers, particularly through mobile gadgets and the internet.

The more conventional way of marketing, such as radio and adverts on television, can be pricey, and hard to estimate what investing will do. With electronic marketing, you can use social media, adverts via banners, or email. Digitally this is easier, as you can keep track with any interactions with customers, including feedback.

Electronic marketing means you can see results quickly. It will help to keep things running smoothly, and let you know how well promotions are doing. It will also show if the amount of people visiting your website have grown, and what sort of material is bringing them to it.

With the internet as fast as it is nowadays, most people are using it to read material on their tablets, computers and phones. It’s integral that your website is simple to discover, as this will ensure they return and have decent customer interaction, call Simply Digital for all SEO in Poole and Bournemouth.

Facebook Data News

Hundreds of millions of Facebook users found out that Facebook had stored their passwords in plain text, which had put the security of many users’ accounts at major risk. Normally passwords are encrypted and are not possible to read by the naked eye, but passwords being in plain text means that their passwords have no protection and are completely usable if in the wrong hands. According to an investigation which was performed by Facebook, there was no evidence that anyone that doesn’t work for the social network had access to the passwords, it was also reported that no one who works for Facebook performed any foul play with the data.

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Overcoming a Fear of heights

Virtual Reality is helping people overcome their fear of heights. As many as one in five people experience a fear of heights and it can be debilitating and prevent them from carrying on their day to day life. Many people never receive treatment for this.

A new procedure developed by Oxford VR, a spinout company of Oxford University is helping people overcome their fear by the use of Virtual Reality. The treatment involves a computer-generated virtual coach which is able to interact with the user via voice recognition technology.

Results from a randomised trial are impressive with the majority of those receiving the treatment reporting a 68% reduction in their fear. The treatment was followed up with a questionnaire which revealed that 69% of the trial now had no fear of heights.

Let people know what your business is up to, using Search Engine Optimization to get your business found on Google is an effective method of reaching your potential customers.

Virtual Reality helping to fight fear of heights

The spinout company Oxfordvr is working on an exciting range of treatments to help people with some of their phobias and anxieties.

The company, which is linked to Oxford University and part of the acclaimed Oxford Sciences Innovation group has developed a programme using Virtual Reality to help sufferers overcome their fear of heights.

The clinical trial selected 100 people that had been suffering from a fear of heights for more than thirty years. Half were treated by traditional face to face therapy and half by the new VR Therapy. The results of the VR Therapy were impressive with over 68% reporting a reduction in their fear and when followed up a month later 69% reported they were no longer afraid of heights.

Content marketing is an effective way to market your business, talk to Simply-Digital about attracting more visitors to your website.

Just a click away

Recently published figures show that there are around 4.02 billion people using the internet regularly worldwide. That equates to 53% of the world's population. The majority, 42% are active on social media in one form or another.

Whichever way you look at it the growth in communication via the internet has been huge and shows no sign of slowing down. Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives, whether for social purposes or business use.

Whichever way you look at it the growth in communication via the internet has been huge and shows no sign of slowing down. Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives, whether for social purposes or business use.

The demise of traditional printed directories means businesses must have an online presence if they want to attract regular enquiries and generate sales, but it's not enough just to have a great looking website. Your website must be coded so that the web crawlers can find your business when someone types in a relevant search time. Search Engine Optimisation is the term used for gaining rankings with all the major search engines such as Google, if your site hasn't been 'optimised' your chances of showing up on the first page of a search result are very low. Choosing a Web Design company that will give you ongoing support and SEO services will make sure your investment is returned many times over.

There are hundreds of Website designers to choose from and most people know someone 'who can build them a website'. This can seem like a good idea, especially if your budget is tight, but it's false economy to put the success of your business in the hands of an amateur who may be full of good intentions but is not committed to supporting you when you need to add a new image or text change. The website may look good but will it produce results? Simply Digital based in Exeter provide a friendly, approachable response to all our clients, new and existing.

Personal Data In The Technological Age

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, data protection has become serious business. The collection of personal data has expanded beyond what anyone could have imagined.

In the technological age, our constant internet connections, fitness trackers and social media attachment is making collecting our personal data easier, which is increasingly being exploited by corporations and governments.

These data collectors try to convince us of an easier, more convenient lifestyle, taking in our characteristics, behaviours and relationships however the risk of misuse is a major concern.

The political firm Cambridge Analytica is a prime example of personal information being misused as they obtained political opinions of over 50 million Facebook users in attempt to influence voter behaviour in the 2016 US presidential election.

The fear for consumers at this stage, even since the European General Data Protection Regulations act is the quantity of data companies have about us and that data already collected could still be leaked. For example, Acxiom analytics which collects and analyses product purchase data has collected data related to private personal healthcare, even though they have no access to healthcare data.

Privacy does not have to be the inevitable price of technology, in fact technology can enhance privacy better than traditional controls whilst continuing to maintain accuracy of analysis. When thinking about personal data and technology, it is important to frequently review and adapt practices to address new risks and protect your personal data.

To find out more about Social Media services, website security or GDPR, talk to Simply Digital today.

Google at War

Over 3000 of Google's employees have signed a letter asking Google to stop working on a project with the US military.

Labelled 'Project Maven', Google has been working with the military to improve the accuracy of military drone strikes. The head of Google's cloud business has assured employees that the technology would not be used to operate or fly drones, nor would it be used to launch weapons.

Employees have raised concerns that the project could damage Googles morally responsible brand by allowing the Pentagon to use some of its image recognition technologies.

There could however be benefits from the work Google are undertaking alongside the military. The image recognition technology their using is similar to that available to any Google cloud customer and it could apparently be used to save lives and save people from highly tedious work by flagging certain images for human review.

Facebook shares plummet

Facebook shares faced their biggest fall in years from 190 US dollars in January to $150 now, after continuing bad publicity surrounding the Cambridge Analytica scandal. With the Canadian whistle-blower Christopher Wylie, appearing this week before a UK Parliamentary committee, calls have been made for Mark Zuckerberg to do the same. The committee is asking questions about the misuse of raw data supplied by Facebook, on 50 Million users, to the company Cambridge Analytica, and whether Facebook were aware of how this data was being used in the US presidential campaign and the UK Brexit vote.

Google Answers

Google have started to answer questions on their Search Engine, by using the results to formulate a general answer, which now appears high on their search page. This is what they call "Featured Snippets", a special kind of answer in a box that is machine generated and that is why the Grammar is often not exactly as humans would frame it.

Google have now stated their preference for websites that are HTTPS secure, and have asked for "HTTPS Everywhere" on the internet. They are now actively encouraging every website owner to make the switch by indicating that they are prepared to upgrade every HTTPS website on their Google rankings. Simply Digital website design in Exeter are offering an SSL certificate to all new and existing clients to help improve online security.

New Apple news sources.

Apple news have a huge selection of topics from many sources including news organizations around the world. On your Apple device just choose the ones you want to add to your favourites such as fashion, business, technology or sports. You can then subscribe to some or all of your favourite newspapers directly from your news page allowing you to unlock your existing digital subscriptions automatically.

Microsoft has struck a deal with LinkedIn, the Professional Networking site which is worth $26.2 billion. LinkedIn has over 433 million members and over 7,000,000 active job listings on the site this figure is growing year on year as Companies and users realise the potential of promoting their vacancies and their CV’s on the platform. A recently introduced mobile app has resulted in a significant increase in membership with over 60% of people accessing the site via their mobile.

Microsoft see the potential to improve the way people use the site by integrating their software Office 365 and Dynamics which will allow users to manage their diaries, set up meetings and exchange information with their connections. Creating a professional version of the social network Facebook.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO commented “The LinkedIn team has grown a fantastic business centred on connecting the world’s professionals; together we can accelerate the growth of LinkedIn, as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics as we seek to empower every person and organisation on the planet.�?

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If your current website is outdated or needs upgrading to mobile friendly, we can help you with a number of alternatives. You may need a company that will update your website for you on a regular basis without charging you each time or need a hosting package that will offer you a full maintenance option, this is something we offer to many of our current customers.

If you do not have a direct link from the First Page of Google to your own website, its unlikely that people searching for your services will find your website, they will probably click on one of those First Page links and end up becoming a customer of your main competitors.

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Google Adwords is the quickest and best way to get new customers by advertising at the top of each Google search page, however this proves to be an expensive way for many smaller businesses to get calls. Simply Digital provide a simpler and cheaper option called featured ads, where we set up your Google campaign for you and cap your expenditure to a fixed amount. Call us or click the link below for more information.

Don't lose half your customers!

You should now be aware that Google recently made some big changes in the way that it responds to search requests. It now favours those sites that are mobile friendly and promotes them to the top of the search results. Many people will have taken steps to ensure they protect their business and updated their websites to comply with the new search criteria. If you haven't you may have seen a fall off in your site traffic and enquiries, you can read more in this article in the Guardian Newspaper.

The easiest way to find out how your website is performing is to just enter your key words or phrases into your Smartphone or tablets search facility and see what comes up. If you don't get the result you were expecting now would be a good time to think seriously about modifying your website.

Change your site to WordPress or HTML5

The reason these changes were made is due to the rise in usage of Tablets and Smart Phones to browse online, Google recognised that many websites were not mobile friendly and took steps to change this. The best solution to tap into this market is to have your website designed in HTML5 or WordPress. With over 11 years of continual development and an open- source philosophy it's no wonder that WordPress is the most popular website system worldwide. It is extremely flexible and can be adapted to suit your business as it grows. This means your business can confidently move with the times and embrace changing trends.

The website above is built in WordPress, which allows a great deal of flexibility in design and is fully compatible with tablets and Smartphones. You can see some examples of recently built HTML5 and WordPress Websites featured on our website Portfolio page.

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